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Best ranking,
Higher income

Augmentez vos réservations et vos ventes grâce à un classement plus élevé et à une gestion des revenus


Do you also want to interact more with your guests and less with your screen?n computer?

Every hotelier knows how much effort it takes to keep the occupancy rate of his hotel as high as possible: adjusting room rates, following reviews... Annoying, because, of course, what you want most , is to be busy with your guests.

  • Pas le temps de faire constamment la promotion de votre hôtel ?

  • Pourquoi votre taux d’occupation reste-t-il faible malgré votre bon score d’avis ?

  • Comment pouvez-vous vous démarquer davantage de vos concurrents sur les OTA comme ?

Pensez-vous toujours que l’ajustement automatique des prix contribue à générer plus de ventes ?

Les OTA comme, Expedia, Airbnb, HRS... sont devenues indispensables aux voyageurs. Votre logement se situe donc parmi tous les autres de la région. Le simple ajustement de vos prix a un impact trop limité lorsque vous êtes en page 3 des résultats de recherche.



of people book a stay within the first 15 visits on an OTA. In short: higher ranking, higher income.

Source:Expedia Survey 2023


Maraluxe change la donne dans la gestion des revenus pour les hôtels

MARALUXE offers hoteliers and property managers more reservations at the right price through online visibility as well as revenue management. The OTA algorithm no longer holds any secrets for us. Or, as a major player in the hotel industry once told us to his business partner: "These guys hacked's code."

independent hoteliers

  • Supporting missions in operational strategic marketing,

  • Customized hotel technical training courses,

  • Commercialization and Revenue Optimization.

  • Operational management mandate to your account.

** Each need is different and is the subject of a personalized study.

owners propreties

  • Custom interior decoration

  • Home Staging

  • Cleaning, sanding and crystallisation

  • Recycling of furniture and tapestry

  • Rental management

** Each need is different and is the subject of a personalized study.

Our clients

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Our areas of expertise

Hospitality management


Strategic development

Yeild management


Operational management

Openning -  Staff Training


Interior design


Space planning

Custom capabilities for home furnishings
Design consultations

Acquisition of art, antiques and accessories

Private concierge


bnb Concierge for owners

Staff management

Property Management 

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